The Elsternwick Primary School Community has joined together to bring you the EPS Art Show & Cocktail Party on Friday, 20th October.

The show includes carefully executed self-portraits by the children, beautiful  Class or Grade Art creations, and a gorgeous collection of pieces generously donated from our school community. 

We will be bringing this all together with a fun cocktail party, fabulous theming and some great prizes. It will be a brilliant exhibition and only staged every three years, so don't miss out!

Student Artwork
Each child has a piece of work on display was created in Art Lessons and developed under the direction of our amazing EPS Art Teacher, Linda Taylor. Art work is constructed around the 2017 theme ‘Selfie Expression’.

Class Artwork
The Class or Grade Art has been developed under the guidance of Mary Stephens and is based on the Van Goghs' ‘Seasons’ Exhibition, staged at the NGV Melbourne in early 2017.   Mary’s vision was ambitious and creative, and has produced some remarkable pieces that will dazzle you.

Community Art Work
Our Community Art section has been generously supported by members of the community and beyond.